Because Some People Really Want to Know …

Here is my “How to Fascinate” personality test result.  “Passion” + “Alert” form the personality archetype called “The Orchestrator.” The adjectives that describe me are: attentive, dedicated, efficient, open-eyed and vigorous.


More results:

Strengths Finder — Top 5 character traits are:
1) Empathy
2) Connectedness
3) Responsibility
4) Achiever
5) Futuristic


My type is “Helper” which was just above a 3-way tie for my 2nd type(s): IndividualistLoyalistPeacemaker


Human Design:
My type is “Manifester.”
Authority is EmotionalFeeling Clarity, and Patience.
My purpose or highest aspiration is Peace. My role is to Inform.


Myers Briggs:
INFJ (The “Advocate”). Over the years, there were times when my result was INSJ or INFP, but INFJ is the most consistent result. Recently, however, I was surprised to see my result was ENFJ. I’ve always said I’m an introverted extrovert, so I suppose this result supports that!