Giving Voice to Your Vision

Editing * Presentations & Graphics * Online Engagement

With words, we communicate a message, share a story, connect with our tribes, inspire those who feel like they’ve hit rock bottom, lift up those who see where we came from and help them realize that, if we can do it, they can too. We enhance and add power to our messages with images. We influence and motivate communities when we engage listeners with our narrative.

Words. Language. Images. Connection. It's all communication. But is your message getting heard or lost among the noise and information overload coming at your prospects?

Your Voice. Your Value. Your Vision.

I help you communicate with polish and poise. I help you craft and clarify your unique message. I strengthen your copy and add sizzle where a little attitude is needed. I communicate in your voice. I shine a light on your value. I share your vision with others. I help you communicate with words and images and get your message in front of your ideal clients.

Create. Perfect. Connect.

Together we create your presentations, blog posts, marketing collateral, social media posts, eBooks, biographies, website copy, PR announcements, email sequences and more. What you create, I help perfect -- editing for grammar, redundancy, impact and SEO. And then we share your content and offers to connect with and grow your audience.




Copy Editing and Proofreading

You have a story. Write it. You have bursts of inspiration to share. Blog it. You have announcements and surveys and speaker sheets and social media posts to share with the world. Share away. But not before your words go through another set of eyes to polish your content so you can shine online

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Presentations and Graphics

Your message will resonate more clearly with your audience when you include images. Images take a concept and help people visualize the possibility, the outcome, the result. Help your followers envision your solutions with sharp presentations, brochures, speaker one-sheets and shareable online graphics. 

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Social Media Marketing

They are your people. Your tribe. Your followers. Your clients and potential customers. They are interested in what you offer. How are you engaging them? If we're hearing crickets, then we need to work on your social media presence. We do business with those who we know, like and trust. Do we know you? Do we trust you?

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Yes! My Presence Needs Some Polish.

Yes! My Presence Needs Some Polish.