My Superpowers …

I have inspired, encouraged, enlightened, and incited.

I have moved people to action by being authentic and vulnerable.

I have persuaded, uplifted, touched hearts and rallied communities.

I am warm, empathetic and believe in deep connection.

I encourage and embolden.


Words. Language. Images. Connection.

From an early age I was told that I could get my point across in writing, and as that skill grew, one manager announced to his staff that I made a case for something with the words and passion that even F. Lee Bailey would be proud of (this was pre-O.J. and Mr. Bailey was a courtroom legend).

Life has given me stories. Some chapters I would never want to repeat, but through each account I have evolved, and as I’ve shared those joyous and crushing moments with others, I discovered that I was creating a space that allowed people to safely step into my story and have the confidence to share their own. And with the sharing, there are lessons to be gleaned — and there is healing. In the telling, trends can be uncovered, feelings of, “I thought I was the only one” are shattered, and people can unite in a common purpose to fix, solve, append, repair, create or change what brought them together for the sake of a better community … for the sake of a better world.

YOU have a story (maybe lots of them) and I can help you communicate your message with polish and poise. Whether it’s a book, speech, speaker sheet, e-book, web page or course materials, I can help you craft and clarify your unique message.


Your Voice. Your Message. My Refinements.

I began my journey to self-employment in 2009 as a generalist virtual assistant (translation = all things to all people). While that enabled me to learn a lot of new skills, software and systems, it also taught me what I don’t get jazzed about doing and reinforced what areas I knew I could gleefully submerse myself in all day, every day. One take-away was, despite being a strong writer, my time and value to the client wasn’t best served when writing 500-1000 word articles from scratch on their behalf. The topic required research and I’d pour my heart into each piece, taking way longer than made sense for their goals and monthly budget. I began outsourcing articles, but the voice, tone and length of the content wasn’t always what we were looking for, so I would improve them.  I’ve always loved editing (my mom is a retired English teacher, so …) and I’ve found that I love dismantling and rebuilding (polishing and perfecting) other people’s content a lot more than I enjoy writing from scratch. With your ideas, thoughts and concepts already written down, I strengthen, support and optimize your communication.

And, since I’m all about really enhancing your online presence as a whole, once you have the words, they need to be shared. Your ideal clients can’t find you if your content sits stagnant, so I can help plug your message into presentations, announce it on blog posts and social media, upload it to article submission sites and re-purpose it by creating offers or e-books. It all ties together for a polished, powerful, and persuasive connection with your audience.


Details Create the Big Picture. Small Things Make Big Things Happen.

While I’ve niched my services to focus on three main needs (copy editing, graphics and social media marketing), I still offer administrative services as a virtual assistant. My background is as an administrative and marketing professional (25+ years) and I love managing the details. I also have a knack for finding holes or redundancies in processes in order to work more effectively and enhance the customer’s experience. I’ve also pitched my tent in the land of possibilities — always asking “how about …” or “what if …?” I’d love to explore the possibilities in your business and help you dig out from under all of those details.

If you’re fascinated by personality types and want to know what drives a person, you can get a glimpse of how I’m wired here.


Vision and Values

Let’s Connect! 

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