Sharon (Broughton) Benson
Sharon Benson Team, Online Marketing Expert with InfusionSoft
I brought Merri on to my team to help with project management and she did a great job. She was so organized, really brought great suggestions to the table and really helped me get projects going more quickly and smoothly. She is amazing!

Andrew Schuricht
Chief Executive Officer at Valor CSR
Merri is a superhero, because she regularly saves the day for us! Without her, we wouldn’t be the efficient effective machine that we are. Thanks, Merri!

Katie B. Smith, Author, Executive Coach, Career Coach
Author, Executive Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Coach – Team Group Coaching, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
I engaged Merri for a short time when I was in need of emergency help with a project I was working on. She was quick to respond, thorough with the project I asked her to help me with and had great follow up to make sure everything was handled. I highly recommend her ability to support business owners in the area of administrative support especially when it comes to technology skills, sense of urgency and follow through.

Henry Bartlett
Coach / Tutor
I’ve known Merri for over a year. She has helped me with an abundance of personal and business research and supported me in a variety of ways in launching my education reform campaign (from sharing resources to providing in-depth developmental, structural and stylistic editorial services). She has also been working with me to help market and grow my coaching and tutoring business by creating and managing online content, doing research, copy editing, and suggesting strategies for growth and management. She has been absolutely fantastic in her ability to see where I want to go and strategically point me in very concrete directions in getting there. Her work and support have helped me to expand my reach — attracting new audiences and markets. I highly recommend Merri for your editing, social media marketing and business support needs.

Jennifer Shanika
Owner of Administrative Renaissance
I want to say that in 5 years of collaborating with Merri Taylor I am still constantly impressed with her level of detail, careful thought, and passion she puts in to everything she does. She is an amazing professional, a caring and wonderful person, incredibly intelligent and gifted in both creative thinking as well as technical application. She has a gift for strategy and the rare gift of seeing the big picture as well as an eye for the details. Whether you need a social media expert, a marketing strategist, a product launch and website manager or a customer support expert, Merri is the clear choice. You would be lucky to have her at your side. She exceeds my expectations every time. Do yourself a favor and get to know Merri.

Kim Fox
Professional Speaker at Fox Nutrition & Diabetes Services, Inc.
Merri was instrumental in taking my business to the next level. She did this by setting up all avenues of my social media, Skype and online newsletter formatting, as well as be a great liaison in working with my website developer. Merri also enhanced several of my professional presentations and product development pieces by providing consistent formatting, color and editing. Merri was very easy to work with and did whatever was requested of her. She has greatly simplified many aspects of my business!

Stephanie Stephens, M.A.
*Multimedia Health/Lifestyle Content Producer & Journalist*
and Host, Writer, Producer, Spokesperson: Mind Your Body TV
When someone contemplates working with a virtual assistant, they wonder not only about the individual’s qualifications on paper, but “What kind of person is she or he?” Merri wastes no time establishing a high level of proficiency and trust, and the ability to “think on her feet” or in this case, at her desk. She’s generous with her advice—having worked in a variety of positions and situations—and is eager to really listen to the client so that she completely understands the scope and nuances of what’s required. Rather than saying, “We can’t,” Merri finds a way to do it. She’s a pleasure to work with, and believes in working as a partner in pursuit of a common goal and objective. I’m so glad I got to know Merri. You’ll feel the same. I highly recommend her.

Susannah Haley
Owner/Developer at Haley Consulting, LLC
Merri has been a tremendous resource for our business. She always completes her assignments within the specified time frame and is thorough and detail oriented. She has been able to successfully handle any task we assigned her and often goes beyond what is asked of her. She has excellent client service skills and is always efficient and professional. I would highly recommend Merri as a great asset to any business.

Michelle Shriver
Owner of Multiple Tropical Smoothie Café Franchises
Merri is an incredibly talented resource for any business owner — she is more like a business partner than a vendor. Merri set up a number of systems for our businesses and managed our marketing efforts, coordination with other service providers, and a number of other business support functions.

It has never been a hindrance that Merri lives in another state than we do — she is accessible and able to handle tasks effectively remotely. Merri is also very creative. The marketing materials she has created for us are professionally done and of the highest quality. She is innovative and comes up with ideas to promote and grow your business, even without asking. She learns your goals and communication style quickly so that she can act on your behalf very effectively. We look forward to working with Merri in the future & highly recommend her services to any other business owner.

Sara Gottfried, MD
Hormone Expert | Author | Speaker at Gottfried Center for Integrative Medicine
Merri was my excellent and beloved VA. She has run my newsletters with great care and attention to detail, she has helped me find and organize folks to help me with writing, and she has done it all with a sunny disposition, warmth and professionalism. I think you’d love working with her.

Kelly Kingman
Graphic Recorder & Visual Notetaker
I was worried that bringing a new VA into a bunch of projects mid-stream would add to my stress because of the initial learning curve. With Merri it was totally the opposite. She jumped right in and got to work — bringing various aspects of my business up to speed, and bringing me out of overwhelm.

Merri has a special knack for social media, especially Facebook, and she was able to manage my social media presence as well as create graphics for my page. She was adept at following up with tasks — for instance making sure that clients received the materials I sent them and handling customer questions gracefully and in a timely manner. She was incredibly detail-oriented and I never worried that something was going to go undone. I am really thrilled with the work Merri did for Kelly Kingman Media, and I couldn’t recommend her more heartily.

Katherine Bouglai
Coach and Brand Strategist
Merri is trustworthy and has high integrity in her work. She is prompt and reliable as well as supportive and enthusiastic about her client’s business. Merri is also very intelligent and knows what she is doing; she is a great communicator and a team player. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is looking for a virtual assistant.

Yvonne Ohumukini Urness
Speaker, Author & Coach at Hula for the Soul
Merri is a quick-study, reliable and meets deadlines consistently. Her can-do attitude and open communication makes working with her a pleasure.

Allie Phillips
Author, Attorney, Advocate, Coach & Energy Therapist
Merri is a joy to work with and always has a positive, can-do attitude. Regardless of the task or the work load on her desk, she is always willing to lend a helping hand and do whatever it takes to ease the burdens and work loads of others. She is a real gem!

Ginger Moore, SPHR
HR expert
Merri was hired on as an Administrative Assistant for the Development Department and is very thorough and detail oriented. Merri served as a member of the All Staff Retreat Committee, a group of cross-departmental employees who planned and executed a first of its kind Retreat bringing together employees from all three offices from around the country. It is my pleasure to recommend Merri as an excellent employee!

Michael Blimes
Vice President for Philanthropy, Marketing and Communications

Merri is an absolute delight as a colleague and individual. Her dedication and effectiveness complements her organizational skills, as well as her creativity and personable attitude. She is a “can do” person who finds a way to resolve challenging problems and manages to do so while still smiling!

Andrea Palton
National Director | Marketing & Communications at Mercy Housing
Merri is wonderful to work with. Her attention to details is helping the team stay on top of their tasks. Merri is an extremely creative individual and a whiz at PowerPoint presentations. Her work ethics are wonderful, she’s an absolute asset to our company!

Lisa Zenoff Harris
Marketing Communications at Accenture
Merri was a delightful person in the department and took great pride in her work. Merri was always available to attend to the needs of the department and was flexible when priorities changed. She was timely, prepared and always with a positive attitude.

William Hoagland
Business Advisor | Exit Consultant at The Jacy Group, LLC
Merri is hardworking, dedicated, organized and committed individual. I have work with Merri in a couple of situations and have always found her upbeat, above the line and focused on the task at hand. She has made numerous contributions both from a strategic position and application process.

I would not hesitate to work with Merri in the future and see her as a great asset to any team or department.

John J. Rein
Senior Business Development Consultant at Snap Creative Marketing
I was lucky enough to have Merri working with me at Starz Encore Group while I was in Affiliate Sales and Marketing. Merri was an asset to our team as she was constantly doing anything she could to make sure all her tasks were completed on time, while also exceeding our client’s expectations. I would strongly recommend Merri, as I know she would exceed her supervisor’s expectations…just as she exceeded my expectations

Terry MacRae
Realtor® and Certified Home Stager
Merri was my student in the AssistU Virtual Training Program in 2009. She was one of the most dedicated and conscientious students in the group and always performed beyond expectations. Despite some unexpected personal challenges, Merri persevered, completing the rigorous course and passing the final with very high marks. Her positive attitude, attention to detail, and her willingness to do whatever it takes are the qualities that clients need and appreciate. It is a pleasure to recommend Merri as a highly qualified Professional Virtual Assistant who goes beyond and delivers more than promised.