I have inspired, encouraged, enlightened, and incited.

I have moved people to action by being authentic and vulnerable.

I have persuaded, uplifted, touched hearts and rallied communities.

I am warm, empathetic and believe in deep connection.

I encourage and embolden.


Words. Language. Images. Connection.

From an early age I was told that I could get my point across in writing, and as that skill grew, one manager announced to his staff that I made a case for something with the words and passion that even F. Lee Bailey would be proud of (this was pre-O.J. and Mr. Bailey was a courtroom legend).

Life has given me stories. Some chapters I would never want to repeat, but through each account, I have evolved, and as I’ve shared those joyous and crushing moments with others, I discovered that I was creating a space that allowed people to safely step into my story and have the confidence to share their own. And with the sharing, there are lessons to be gleaned — and there is healing. In the telling, trends can be uncovered, feelings of, “I thought I was the only one” are shattered, and people are inspired to unite in a common purpose to fix, solve, append, repair, create or change what brought them together for the sake of a better community … for the sake of a better world.

YOU have a story (maybe lots of them) and I can help you communicate your message with polish and poise. Whether it’s a book, speech, speaker sheet, e-book, web page or course materials, I can help you craft and clarify your unique message.

What’s your superpower? What’s your story?