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I see a lot of email campaigns come through with “unknown sender,” misspelled words and inconsistent formatting. I’ve even seen generic template language like “insert title here” instead of typing a custom section header. I’ve clicked on links that go to “404” pages, and I’ve seen code in the merge field where your customer’s name should be.

Your newsletter represents you and sloppiness will create questions about the value you offer. Your message is fighting for attention among your subscribers’ cluttered in-boxes, and if your subject line is good enough to get them to open it, you want to show up as the savvy, knowledgeable expert that you are and not waste clients’ and prospects’ time with poor grammar, typos, and broken links. In fact, the next place they click might be the “unsubscribe” link. To keep subscribers, attract leads and cultivate a polished reputation, have your VA proofread, edit, format, check the “from” and subject lines, check titles, make sure a first name or friendly generic greeting populates the “name” field, test links, add images and alt text, and do a test send before anything goes out.

You have a message that people need to hear — don’t let it to get buried under a pile of distractions like typos and errors. Taking the time to edit and proofread your emails, online newsletters, landing pages, blog posts, marketing materials and website will allow your readers to focus on your content and get excited about your message.

Have your VA or editor polish your content so you can focus on getting your message out there — so you can shine.

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