One of the habits of highly effective people (according to the book of the same name by Stephen R. Covey) is to continually sharpen the saw. Below are some materials to help you stay on your game, build on your skills and advance your professional development.


One thing successful leaders have in common is that they read. Warren Buffet once said that one key to success is to “read 500 pages a day.” These should get you started.



Technology and society evolve and change constantly. One way that I stay on top of the latest tools and trends is through webinars and e-courses. I am like a sponge, absorbing new content each month. The online format is so convenient (and you don’t need to do your hair and makeup or burn fuel to get there). I learned HTML several years ago online through an Ed2Go course and haven’t stopped learning since. Here are a few that might interest you.

Create profitable service and support packages for your business (via Lisa Wells)