Your Message. My Refinements.

I Refine So You Can Shine Online

"My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel--it is, before all, to make you see." -Joseph Conrad

Just write. When it's time to write your book, blog content, Facebook post, manuscript or marketing copy, you have one job. One. That's it. Your job is to write. To share your heart, expertise or story.

Get your thoughts on paper and don't let the creative flow get hindered by spelling, grammar, sentence structure, reorganizing your thoughts ... NO ... don't do that to yourself. Your audience is waiting to hear from you and you have value to share. So just write and get the gist of what you want to say out of your head and onto paper (or computer screen -- don't forget to save it!). Just share. What do you have to say?

Prewriting, so you have a goal for the content and a general outline is helpful, but then move quickly to writing. Once you do that, we have something to work with. It doesn't matter if your thoughts were fragmented or you wrote fifteen run-on sentences. You poured your heart out, shared your ideas and reactions and they are no longer just "brain clutter" or distractions. Now you have content. And now you can hand it over to me for the rewrite. This is where we perfect your message by fixing or improving structure, grammar, verb tense, punctuation, word usage, consistency and more. Here are some recent editing examples.




If you are a speaker, you don't just want to communicate -- you want to captivate. Not only in your keynote, but in how you present yourself online and in your marketing materials. 

If you are a trainer, you not only want to inform -- you want to evoke curiosity, get your audience engaged and have them craving the life-long learning that your products provide. 

If you are a coach or other online entrepreneur, you don't strive to simply guide -- you want to ignite passion and motivate into action. 

Why Work With Me?

Editing your content isn't just about checking for typos (many word processors will do a limited job of that), its about making sure the overall piece is structured so that it flows, is understood and has the desired impact. The goal is to pull your audience in so they will want to learn more and not click off the page or throw your pamphlet in the circular file. Its about taking the words you use each and every day and refining them to communicate and persuade.

Maybe you're an established or aspiring author who's working on a manuscript, or maybe you're a consultant, speaker, coach or passionate entrepreneur who shares content daily. It's easy to miss mistakes in our own writing, and since your written communication may be a prospect's first impression, you don't want to turn him off with poor grammar or a lackluster message. Who's reviewing what you put out into the world?

Things like:

⇒ Email campaigns
⇒ Your blog
⇒ Your bio
⇒ PR pitches
⇒ Brochures
⇒ Headlines
⇒ Speeches
⇒ Presentations
⇒ Your LinkedIn profile
⇒ Social media posts
⇒ Sales and opt-in pages
⇒ Your website ("About" page, Services ... all of it)
⇒ Any piece of writing having to do with your business or brand


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