I know that basing our happiness on external circumstances puts us on shaky ground. God tells us to be grateful in all circumstances. Not “for” but “in.” So you can still feel happy and thankful amid chaos as you push through hard times to the other side.
But, I’m human, and I know that when things are going well in my external world, it can lift me up and propel me to the next thing.
Like this weekend.
I entered into it with zero expectations and nothing new to look forward to – except an online event that would take most of Saturday. Having been in this coach’s community once before, I knew that the group would be fairly intimate – no more than 30 people, maybe, so we all had time to be seen and heard. I knew I would HAVE to be on camera – with a group that size, you really can’t remain hidden. So I showed up. On camera.
In the 24-48 hours preceding the event (including the morning of), several people had things come up and let the host know they would be unable to attend. The host showed up – expecting a smaller group, and as she and I chatted, it became apparent that all the others were no-shows, as well. It happens. But we keep making offers and showing up for others – hoping they will show up for themselves. Since it was just the two of us, I thought I would now have time to make a trip that I’ve been putting off to a nearby town to deliver a Facebook marketplace item and get away from an environment that has been weighing me down.
The coach was fully prepared to spend the entire day with just me. I’m like – oh no, no, no … your time is valuable – just add me to your next event. She gave me the choice, but stopped recording and said she wanted to know how I’ve been since we last spoke. I broke into an ugly cry and told her something I hadn’t shared with anyone else. She said not only was she adding me to her January event but we were going to spend a couple of hours together to do the action items that would create movement and momentum for me.
A couple of hours turned out to be 10am-1:30pm. And in those 3.5 hours, she didn’t waste a single minute. She moved us along and poured into me her uplifting, life-giving energy. I left with some money-making action-taking assignments.
Since we ended at 1:30, I could still make that trip to a town about 40 minutes away and maybe treat myself to a restaurant meal. I hopped in the car and ended up having a great time as I had the opportunity to take lots of pictures (my passion).
And today, my team won their game. I didn’t even tune in until the fourth quarter while making dinner, because I was so committed to hammering out my assignments from the coach. Being the hard-core fanatic that I am, that took some willpower. Lol!
I made chicken breast and asparagus with mushrooms for dinner and am diving back into my assignments again.
I feel hopeful.
For anyone who needs to hear this, please don’t miss the lesson. Show up for yourself. Even when hope seems to have fallen away and you lack the proof you need to elevate your confidence – keep showing up. Because God (or the Universe, if that resonates with you) will reward you with people and experiences who will pull you through and breathe new life into you.
Just keep going.
Life can change in a moment. Allow yourself to receive. You’re worth it. xoxo